The Blind Alley

by Exit

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released February 2, 2013

all songs written and performed by Benjamin Londa, ©2013 B. Londa, BMI. additional production by Nathan Hewitt. additional voice on Confessional, A Fractured Gesture, The Paris Heights: Lisa Cuthbert. additional voice on Alicia Marie: Candice Sanders. additional instrumentation on A Fractured Gesture: Avi Ghosh. additional voice on Body: Michael Plaster. artwork by Martin McCreadie, based on original photography by Irma Barg.



all rights reserved


Exit Austin, Texas

Austin, TX's Exit meshes acoustic guitars and electronics with elements of new wave and shoegaze.

Exit recently has expanded to a five-piece band, and 2013 will bring Exit's next release, The Blind Alley, further showcasing the poignant lyricism and achingly beautiful music that made 2005's The Way Out Is Through a success.
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Track Name: The Drain At The Bottom
a writer stares at a blank page like lost ex-lovers wonder just what happened and they both might be the saddest scenes of disillusion. like being stuck in a shitty bar in a thunderstorm with no hope of escape, listening to shitty actors and musicians recount their ego-drenched stories of their greatest ego-drenched moments. it's like a bad drink that you just can't put down. it's like all i want to do is kiss you suffocatingly hard, or at least be able to write about it in my ego-drenched drunken disillusion.
Track Name: Confessional
there's a count to four, and it's my count. a singular line of each one of you, systematically, straight and tall and blank, stares straight ahead - singled out and straightened out. give me an eight count and the gun will rise, straightening out misplaced treasures: drowning holes you took from me. this is the holiday season.
one, two, three, four: tan and red marks on the door. one by water, two by fire, three by hand and four by steel. new bedpost marks and love comes clear. one silver bullet; one werewolf heart.
Track Name: Alicia Marie
they are looking through cloudy streams; wavy vision. outstretched, just trying to reach you through boundless heights; depthless.
your precious name wrapped up in your memory. god, i wish that you could see how they miss you, alicia marie. it's like the lights dimmed a little too dark in everyone's hearts. you were never given a start.
now they look to the sea; they look at each other for empty answers unreleased - desperate for a freedom that nothing can provide. and i am hateful towards this thievery in which i pretend to know.
Track Name: Looking Glass
if desire is a sinking ship, then where do you keep the rest of it - the parts that never go down? on a lifeboat, or in a treasure chest? or hidden somewhere, hoping no one will ever find it?
and are these the thoughts that will save you? are these your plans that you secretly want to fall through? looking glass; cheap thrill. like it's kinda all for yourself, if you will.
if your lies are only to yourself, then where do you hide the rest of them - in the hearts of other men? or pen and paper, or in a tourniquet? or hidden somewhere, praying no one will ever figure you out?
selfishness might be your loaded gun, but it's the smallest defense that will keep you from ever knowing anyone.
Track Name: A Fractured Gesture
so i talked to nadine and she said to meet them at the bar, and i'm trying to shadow my words by indiscretions and a sleight of hand that i hope they don't see through - so when i meet them at the bar they'll still believe in short possibilities and in what could hide behind a mystery, and i'll dress myself in blacks and in reds - fit for the occasion or a miscommunication, this liar's club is very elite: you were born a member or you better know someone. and i'm shaking like the devil on a date with a future that he never, ever planned. and as the stars as my witness, they could never see this coming.
nadine, can't you see that this isn't me - that you're a figment; a fractured gesture towards a life unfulfilled. you'll never be a scar, just a name at a bar, and i'm frightened to think that everyone is you.
Track Name: The Paris Heights
i don't know where you think we're going: all christmas eve talks and red wine parasites. we're like vultures or their prey, looking for something to give away.
this cloak room don't hold no promise of lights-out-make-believe, but it will surely forgive you, and you know you have to give what you receive.
and as slow as you'd say, 'never let me go...' i'd quickly freeze to death in this bed, gripping you like you were my last breath. gripping you because you are my last breath.
now i'm stealing a line from a man in wichita; something like, 'i need you more than i want you but i want you for all time...'
Track Name: Landlocked
why does it seem that the victims of circumstance are the furthest away from their hearts?
Track Name: Body
i can't apologize to my body for what i have done. the inches i put it through just to believe in someone.
christessa, i'll be gone by the time you awake. i just wanted to believe in someone. i just wanted to believe in myself. i just wanted to believe in someone.
love is a marble in your eye. water in a bucket or anchors in your sky. nothing you can comprehend, nothing you can justify. for me i just lose more as i try. so what do i do? nothing is changing, what do i do?
Track Name: The Thinnest Air
you are the thinnest air - a blindness or a bird with a broken wing; too precious or helpless. if i could wrap my arms around the sun and feel no fire from its touch, i could open your eyes and learn not to run.
Track Name: The Door
we stood in the ocean, waiting for a sign, and gripping each other like we were the last in the world. and you said, 'i can't have you die. if you die, then i die,' and, 'please don't die.'
as the waves crash down upon us and the moon shines hard upon us, all i needed was, 'don't leave me, don't ever leave me. i need you, i need this, i need us.'
but it never came - you could never give yourself over to what i wanted so much to believe, and your fear shatters this ocean.
as the waves crash down upon us and the moon shines loud upon us, my tears for you could triple this ocean.
but i will not let it drown me. i will not let it take me, and i have to let you slip from my reach and empty into these waves.
as the moon shines loud upon us, my heart breaks wide around us. i will always love you. i love you. i loved you.
now i'm going away, just as you asked, so don't play these games with me. i'm not saying it's fair, but you've made it clear: that we close the door.